Why Us

TES makes environmental sustainability a part of every organization’s competitive advantage.  We have a differentiated approach to each of our projects and partnerships dependent on the organization’s mission, community values, and regulations.  We prioritize the best interests of our clients and establish a personal relationship with each client. 

Examples of how we help private- and public-sector clients improve how they conduct business include:

  • Finding ways to reduce water consumption; improve energy efficiency; and reduce, eliminate and/or re-purpose waste streams.
  • Engaging adults and children in hands-on, effective and environmentally positive behaviors.
  • Modernizing regulations to be more conducive to environmentally friendly solutions by streamlining requirements.
  • Educating teachers and students on the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues and how to successfully address them.
  • Converting underutilized or neglected land into environmentally friendly community resources.

TES takes pride in offering long-term, deep-rooted business solutions.  For more information, please visit our Client Services.