In School

TES coordinates and provides in-school environmental education programs that:

  • Improve student performance and cognitive development
  • Encourage student-driven exploration and discovery 
  • Leverage outdoor education opportunities like school
    gardens, local trails, parks and ponds, and open spaces
  • Develop leadership, community, self-confidence, and
    broad environmental knowledge 

These programs include:

  • Custom-tailored short- and long-term curriculum enhancement hands-on projects addressing NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards and STEAM education
  • Curriculum-aligned presentations to inspire children’s sense of curiosity about nature and strengthen their connection to the natural world
  • Do-it-yourself lesson plans for teachers at every comfort level to integrate the wonders and benefits of the outdoors into their teaching
  • School-wide environmental projects including recycling, composting, and energy efficiency
  • Curriculum-integrated design thinking modules addressing local, national, and global environmental issues